Our Philosophy

Co-Existing of Print and Digital

We believe that print and digital will co-exist for quite some time, even though digital will eventually take over. COMYAN makes this as easy, fast and cost-effective as possible, with automatic translation of native print content into responsive, modern E-paper apps and other formats. We love the beauty of well-made printed papers, and our special feature therefore became the automatic translation of this into equally beautiful digital products for all kinds of devices.

Integration not Replacement

Nearly all newspaper publishers are nowadays also producing digital only products, and for doing so, they are using all sorts of web-content and other digital publishing systems. But to seamlessly integrate those systems with traditional print editorial systems has remained a challenge.

The COMYAN Media System is a unique opportunity to not only manage all kinds of content and assets centrally - including usage history and rights management - but also to better connect those different production systems and enable the sharing of content in high quality.

Best of Breed over All in One

Many other vendors have tried to solve this problem by pulling more and more features into their content management systems that aim at providing print, web, apps, archiving etc. from a single system and single source („multi-channel publishing systems“).

While this „all in one“ systems approach may be enough for smaller publishers - like the combined copier/printer/fax machines in smaller offices - we strongly believe that the best results will always be achieved with dedicated, powerful systems specialized for one channel.

The main challenge of the „best of breed“ strategy was, up to now, the difficulty in integration - and that is exactly the problem that is solved with the COMYAN Content Backbone, which has already been successfully integrated with 17 different vendors.

“Monolithic mega-suites of single vendors are being re-built into loosely coupled single applications, which are connected into an ERP-landscape”.
“Such a concept promises more flexibility and agility, but requires the user to put effort into the seamless integration of the components.” – Gartner (iX, May 2018, title story)