Simply gorgeous E‑Paper

The COMYAN E-Paper is the automatically created, gorgeous digital edition of your daily newspaper. It works on all devices and looks beautiful on each of them. Your readers can feel familiar with the paper and enjoy all the benefits of latest technology, like social sharing, immediate archive searches and access to any edition.

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Visually Stunning Articles

The articles look almost like print - yet they are fully responsive and will adapt to any device size. Nobody needs to format or layout them - we are transforming your existing print layout into a beautiful digital layout, including images, paragraph styles and even multi-column layouts.

Super fast page browsing

Our developers are proud of one of the fastest page browsing engines that comes with any E-Paper app. Go through an issue at lightning speed and enjoy viewing the original pages on your device.

All Editions.
All Issues.
All Supplements.

Fully automatic processing means there are not limits on what you can bring to digital devices. Our cloud will process a typical newspaper with 18 regional editions in less than 30 minutes.

All Editions. All Issues. All Supplements.

The whole Archive at your Fingertips.

Want to find that article that you remember reading last month, or ten years ago? Simply use the integrated cloud archive with full text search and the same professional tools that newspaper archivists are using.

See where the Heat is.

Our unique Heat Map analytics app shows you where your readers are spending their time. Articles and pages are color-coded according to reader interest (click rate) and all this is overlaid over the app itself - so you can look at any edition, any page, any issue with ease. The display is updated in real time and you could even put it on the wall of your newsroom. (video)

See where the Heat is

Keep it in Evernote - beautifully.

You want to keep this article, together with many other things that you collected on the net, in your own personal archive? There is already an app for that - and the E-Paper supports Evernote (and similar apps) beautifully, with fully formatted articles including pictures.