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Important Points about the "Content Backbone"


Central Database instead of "archive dump"


Traditional archives used to be "dumpsters", located at the end of the production process and frequently added as an after-thought. A modern media asset management system, however, needs to be at the start and in the center of the publishing process. The COMYAN Media System is exactly that - one database, into which assets are immediately imported, and from which assets are delivered to all production systems. In some cases, content from production systems is even imported and mirrored in real time - before print publication. This enables true "sharing" of content within the whole enterprise.





Changes are immediately
visible and usable

A consequence of this is that every change which is done within the Media Asset Management System (meta data indexing, correction of article structures) will be immediately available to all consumers (syndication, digital editions, production systems). If, in contrast, the archive is at the end of the process, those will be visible only within the archive.




Independence of the
editorial system vendor

The reality of the production process is (and remains), that different, specialized systems from different vendors are utilized for various purposes like Print, Online and TV. Additionally, vendors change frequently change in our experience. Therefore it is highly important that the platform in the middle is independent of any single vendor - and provides a good, deep integration with as many vendors as possible.

Due to our "NewsBench" framework, COMYAN comes and has deep, self-developed and proven integrations with already sixteen (16) vendors - more than any other system in the market that we know of. New integrations are added every year.



All content is cross-linked

We strongly believe that a modern media asset management system should be an integrated solution and database for all media types. Only in this way relationships and links between objects (agency image, article, published image, page, edition, audio, video) can be mapped correctly and usage history can be tracked.


Maximum Data Quality


COMYAN NewsBench aims at mining maximum data quality from the data delivered from the editorial system. This includes true formatting, semantics, structure and linkage - only in this way it is possible to create digital publications of all kinds automatically, and only by doing this the quality and details in the archive can be preserved.




Example for the automatic creation of HTML5/CSS3
with COMYAN from editorial system data


Deep Integration

From the very beginning, the COMYAN Media System was deeply integrated with all kinds of production systems. Standardized web service interfaces (both RESTful and SOAP) are provided in the same way as vendor-specific interfaces and integrations that are carried out within the scope of client projects.





Example: Drag&Drop Integration with Alfa Media. The communication happens in the background, based on web services.